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by David Hamm
Contacts Researching the HAM Surname

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Table of Contents
HAM, All Counties, KY, VA ca 1600-1999
HAM, John - Pulaski County, KY, VA ca 1790-1999
John HAM, Perry and Floyd Counties, IN; KY ca 1810-current
Stephen HAM, migrated from KY to Butler County, MO
William Perry HAM, Fleming County, KY & Atchison County, KS c.1700-1900
HAM families, Dyer & Bibson Counties, TN; Dunklin Co., MO, KY


state=KY, VA


I descend from Samuel Harrison Ham (abt 1770 to 1841) and have information on his descendents and his brothers descendents. I also research all related families.

Researching his father who I currently believe was Joseph Ham who died in Monroe County, now West Virginia, will recorded in 1799.

Submitter: Tom Hamm, Jr.

email:   thamm (at)

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County=Pulaski County, Kentucky

state=KY, SC


My husband descends from John and Letty HAM, who were from South Carolina. Letty was the daughter of Cornelius CARGILL (she had CUNNINGHAM relatives). John was the son of Capt. Richard HAM and wife Elizabeth of Charleston and then the Orangeburg District of SC.

Children included sons Odolphus HAM and Miranda (Randy) HAM.

My husband descends from this Randy HAM, who married Jane BOYER.

Submitter: Dolores R. Ham

email:   doloresham (at)

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County=Perry and Floyd, Indiana; KY

state=KY, IN


I have information on the John HAM / Elender FRAKES family of Perry County and Floyd County, Indiana. John HAM was originally from KY, but I have not been able to establish his ancestry yet.

Submitter: Laura Rees

email:    rockinllaura ( at )

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County= Fleming County, KY & Atchison County, KS

state= KY, Missouri, Kansas

TimeFrame= 1700-1900

From what I've collected, some of the Ham's moved from Kentucky (Fleming County) and settled in St. Joseph, Missouri, and Atchison, Kansas.  (That's where my father was born.) 
My great grandfather was William Perry Ham (Fleming County). I think his father was James Pleasant Ham (Fleming
County). William Perry Ham and Rosa Frommer had 7 children (Lloyd Perry, James Harrison, Mabel Rose, Myrtle, Walter William, Herbert Guy, and Luther). James Harrison Ham had 3 children (Harriet Virginia, Kathryn Jane, and James Harrison Ham, Jr., my father).

Submitter: Nancy Megarity

email:    nhmeg1020 (at)

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County=Dyer & Gibson Counties, TN; Dunklin County, MO

state=KY, Missouri, TN

TimeFrame= 1797 +, 1850

   Ancestor information:   Researched book printed 1980.

Submitter:  Patricia Ham Campbell

email:    pat3827(at)

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County = Butler and Stoddard Counties, MO

state =     KY, Missouri, IL

TimeFrame = 1800's
I have a list of people buried in the Hamtown Cemetery, outside of Poplar Bluff, MO.  

My grandmother was Leona Pearl HAM, Daughter of Stephen HAM and Cynthia READING.

Two of the members of this family:

(1880 Butler County, Missouri census indicates that the father of William C. HAM and Stephen P. HAM was born in Kentucky.)

Stephen P. HAM b. Jul 5, 1836 MO - d. Mar 13, 1909 St. Francois, Butler County MO, wife Easter J. ___ b. Jan 8, 1839 - d. Apr 9, 1909

Stephen F. HAM b. ABT 1858 MO - d. Apr 16, 1902, and wife Cynthia A. READING b. ABT 1862 - Feb 5, 1887

Would enjoy sharing whatever I have and look forward to gaining new info.

Submitter:  Monte McGowen

email:          mmcgowe (at)

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