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by David Hamm
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Table of Contents
Elijah HAM, Albemarle County, VA pre-1850
Mack HAM, Grayson County + Washington Co., VA 1800-1919
Harrison HAM, Fleming County, KY, Monroe Co., VA 1600-1998
William HAM, Elizabeth City County, VA ca 1776- present


state=KY, VA


I descend from Samuel Harrison Ham (abt 1770 to 1841) and have information on his descendents and his brothers descendents. I also research all related families.

Researching his father who I currently believe was Joseph Ham who died in Monroe County, now West Virginia, will recorded in 1799.

Submitter:    Tom Hamm, Jr.

email:    thamm (at) bellsouth.net

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County=Grayson, Washington



Mack Hamm b 1835 Grayson Co., VA d 1919 Washington Co., VA.

Married Mary Jane "Polly" Moxley.

She had two children a girl and boy from her first marriage (MOXLEY)?

Polly's first husband was killed in the war, and had left her and her two children with his parents. In the event that he was killed, Polly and children would continue to live there.

A son's name was Rufus, daughter was Belinda.

Polly MOXLEY remarried to Mack HAMM and had six children:

Mary Lee HAMM, Susie HAMM, Renie HAMM, Will HAMM, Enoch HAMM, and Isaac (Dock) HAMM.

Renie born CA 1875.

Thanks, Darlene

Submitter:     Darlene Benesch

email:     DBen818987 (at) aol.com

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County=York County,  Elizabeth City County, VA


TimeFrame= 1776 -present

My father, William Taylor Ham Jr., mother Lucy Goode and father Joseph Hutchinson Ham, grew up in Norfolk Va.
His maternal grandmother was Anna Gamble Ham. He had a (great?) grandfather William Ham who ran a cutter for the early coast guard in the Revolutionary War, and documents to his name signed by Washington and Jefferson were donated to the Virginia Historical Society(?). I have copies. His mother was a DAR and her records are there.

He was a world renowned scientist and I am amazed that he is not mentioned.

Submitter:     Christina Ham

email:  cdahread (at) yahoo.com

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County=Albemarle County, VA



I descend from the Elijah HAMM who m Susan FEARNEYHOUGH. They lived in Albemarle Co VA, near the Orange Co border. He died in 1836.

Submitter: Alicia Towster

email:   aet (at) louisiana.edu

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