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Group Contact information for the HAM Surname DNA Project Participants

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                                  Contact individuals listed here for more information.
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Group 001

Details regarding what should be the Group #1 ancestral home follows at the bottom of this page.

The Ancestral Haplotype  Y-SEARCH for the possible immigrant homeland for the HAM DNA Group #1.

Group #1 has tested out by the National Genographic 2.0, FTDNA as "I1 (M253)"

"Adam" -> I-L758 -> I-M170 -> I-Z2699 -> I-M253 -> I-DF29 -> I-Z58 -> I-Z59 -> I-Z2041 -> I-Z2040 -> I-Z382 -> I-FTB42659 -> I-FT54722 -> I-BY47518 -> I-BY45886
 --> I-BY64242
-> I-BY139911

According to the population study by Rootsi, et. al. (2004), the I1 haplotype group is most dense in Norway, and the I haplotype group is most dense in the area of Croatia. (In 2004, the current I1 classification was I1a.) Population density is an indication of origins.

From Table 1 in the Rootsi paper, the I1a haplotype (
M253 - now I1 ) is most dense in Norway, South Sweden, Saami, North Sweden, Germany, Netherlands, and France (Low Normandy).

HAM DNA Group 1 ("I1" haplotype) is believed to have descended County Somerset in England (see the Group 1 Ancestral search, not to forget the matches to Jon Hamm and Tony Ham). This area is near Norman settlements, indicating origins from the Norman Conquest in 1066. The Normans being from Normandy, France from 800 AD to 1000 AD. Prior to that, they are believed to have originated in Norway, and should be of Viking heritage. See the HAM Country Blog articles on Viking Migration and Origins.

There is also a blog article on Small Autosomal Segment Triad Study for HAM DNA Group #1.

Also, see the HAM I1-M253 Group #1 Tiny Autosomal Largest Shared Matches with phylogeneitc tree.

DNA participant Jon Hamm (413276) is from East Brent, Somerset and is a match to HAM DNA Group #1. He has contributed pictures for the YouTube video "HAM Creech St. Michael Somerset." Jon descends from Peter Ham born abt 1708 Badgworth, Somerset, England and died 1773 East Brent

DNA participant Tony Ham descends from a line that recently immigrated to America, and his line still has record of immigration from Brent Knoll, County Somerset, UK. For more information about Brent Knoll, see the Brent Knoll Village website. There is an ancient hill fort nearby, and the church in Brent Knoll is St. Michaels. The church, dedicated to St Michael, has a Norman doorway but the present nave was built in AD 1290. At this web site, there is a brief history page and also a photo gallery.

The small town of Ham is within 2 km of the church (west). To see where the town of Ham is, the Streetmaps web site in the UK
has it labelled fairly clearly:  http://www.streetmap.co.uk 

Googlemaps does not have the town of Ham labelled, but if you want to use Googlemaps to zoom in and tour the village, enter these coordinates for the little town of Ham: 



(Zoom in to "street level" and click on the road to follow the trip.)

I have posted a little about the mappings on the Ham Country Blog:


The pictures at the bottom of this Group 1 web page are courtesy of Tony Ham.

November, 2013:
Being negative for CTS8647 and negative for Z60, currently (as of November, 2013) places this group under Z59*

Haplotype Groups were re-classified by Family Tree DNA in May, 2008. 
This affected the following existing groups:

    R1b1c became    R1b1b2
    I1a       became     I1
    I1b       became     I
    I1c       became     I2b
    E3b1a  became   E1b1b1

Kit number
Ancestor / Description

Glenn Wright

  hunterwright (at) hotmail.com
descends from:

UNKNOWN  Father (hoping to identify through the HAM PROJECT)
                     m.   SPECULATIVE Mother (I'll post name once confirmed via a separate project) 1917-2012, IL near Peoria.

     James DURBIN b. 1936 Illinois, d. 2001 Florida. Adopted in IL, likely Peoria.

Hello everyone! One of my bucket list items is to learn more about my deceased father's side of the family. Because he knew nothing of his biological parents, and because he was adopted in Illinois (a closed-records state), this has proven to be a bit of a challenge. I have reasonable confidence I've solved the maternal side of the riddle, and am optimistic that DNA (and your expertise) may solve for the paternal side! I am grateful for your guidance.

42xxx Contact: 
Marvin Hamm    



URL:  Marv Hamm's Genealogy Home Page

descends from:

UNKNOWN HAM est. b. ABT 1790 probably deceased ABT 1829 Franklin Co., N.C.;
married Rebecca _______ b. ABT 1793; Franklin Co., N.C.; d. AFT 1860 likely Randolph Co., Al.
    William J. HAM  b. 1819 Franklin Co., N.C.; d. BEF 1890 Perry Co., Al.
    married Eliza A. MORTON  b. 1831 N.C.; d. 1895 Perry Co., Al.
        Robert Solomon HAM  b. 1848 Randolph Co., Al.; d. 1912 Perry Co., Al.
        married Ellen M. RATLIFF  b. 1846 Perry Co., Al.; d. 1920 Perry Co., Al.
            Columbus Filmore HAM  b. 1877 Perry Co., Al.; d. 1905 Perry Co., Al.
            married Matilda Jane CHURCH  b. 1876 Perry Co., Al.; d. 1955 Dallas Co., Al.
                Herman Richard HAM  b. 1904 Perry Co., Al.; d. 1970 Shelby Co., Al.
                married Mary Ellen GARDNER  b. 1906 Mobile Co., Al.,
                d. 2000 Jefferson Co., Al.
                    Marvin Joseph HAMM, Sr.  b. 1929 Dallas Co., Al.; d. 1999 Fayette Co., Tn.

                        Marvin Hamm, Jr. passed away Sep 15, 2021 Richardson, TX
55xxx Contact:
Leonard David Hamm

Leonard David Hamm has passed away.

URL:  featured on Marvin Hamm's Genealogy page
descends from:

UNKNOWN HAM est. b. ABT 1790 probably deceased ABT 1829 Franklin Co., N.C.;
married Rebecca _______ b. ABT 1793; Franklin Co., N.C.; d. AFT 1860 likely Randolph Co., Al.
    William J. HAM  b. 1819 Franklin Co., N.C.; d. BEF 1890 Perry Co., Al.
    married Eliza A. MORTON  b. 1831 N.C.; d. 1895 Perry Co., Al.
         Robert Solomon HAM b. 1848, d. 1912 in AL, 3rd wife  Sara (Betty) VAUGHAN 
            Thomas Perry HAMM  b. 1906 in Autauga Co., Alabama

James Hamm

  no contact information

descends from:

UNKNOWN HAM est. b. ABT 1790 probably deceased ABT 1829 Franklin Co., N.C.;
married Rebecca _______ b. ABT 1793; Franklin Co., N.C.; d. AFT 1860 likely Randolph Co., Al.
    William J. HAM  b. 1819 Franklin Co., N.C.; d. BEF 1890 Perry Co., Al.
    married Eliza A. MORTON  b. 1831 N.C.; d. 1895 Perry Co., Al.
          Francis (Frank) James HAMM
b. 4-2-1857 d. 9-8-1923; Murphy Creek
          Cemetery; Louisville, Ms.;
married 10-10-1887 2nd) Margaret Rebecca KIRK
                 James Waller Leon Hamm, b. 7-22-1898; died 1970; buried
                 Murphy Creek Cemetery; Louisville, Ms.;
4-1-1946 2nd) Margie May HIGGASON

413xxx Contact:

Jon Hamm


jon.hamm (at) dsl.pipex.com

descends from:

Peter Ham b. abt 1708 Badgworth, Somerset, England.; d. 1773 East Brent, Somerset, England.
married Joan Moor b. 1710 East Brent, Somerset, England.; d. 1759 East Brent, Somerset, England.
 Richard Ham b. 1732 East Brent, Somerset, England.; d. 1811 East Brent, Somerset, England.
 married Mary Poole b. 1737 Somerset, England.; d. 1797 East Brent, Somerset, England.
 William Ham b. 1769 East Brent, Somerset, England.; d. 1837 Stone Allerton, Somerset, England.
 married Mary Pyther b. 1770 Mark, Somerset, England.; d. 1853 Weare, Somerset, England.
Robert Ham b. 1797 Weare, Somerset, England.; d. 1862 Blackford, Somerset, England.
 married Harriett King b. 1802 Stone Allerton, Somerset, England.; d. 1842 Stone Allerton, Somerset, England.
 Charles Ham b. 1822 Stone Allerton, Somerset, England.; d. 1896 Wedmore, Somerset, England.  married Sarah Burnett b. 1849 Blackford, Somerset, England.; d. 1880 Stone Allerton, Somerset, England.
 Jeffrey Burnett Ham b. 1848 Stone Allerton, Somerset, England.; d. 1914 Stone Allerton, Somerset, England. married Sarah Patch b. 1849 Westhay, Somerset, England.; d. 1931 Stone Allerton, Somerset, England.
 Hubert Burnett Ham b. 1875 Chapel Allerton, Somerset, England.; d. 1940 Oxford, Oxfordshire, England. married Edith Mary Spurway b. 1879 Weston-Super-Mare, Somerset, England.; d. 1969 Oxford, Oxfordshire, England.
 Jeffrey Hubert Hamm b. 1907 Tooting, London, England.; d. 1974 London, England.
 married Freda Margaret Collins b. 1919 Colombo, Ceylon.; d. 1975 Guildford, Surrey, England.

Cathy (Ham) Hautala


chautala (at) gmail.com

descends from:

THOMAS H HAM b. 1801 possibly North Carolina; d. 1858 Hickman, Arkansas

married Frances Carrie BRANCH b. ABT 1816; d. AFT 1860 AR or MO

    Thomas Fletcher HAM b. 1838 Dyer Co, TN; d. 1895 Nesbit, Dunklin Co, MO
    married Mary Ann Amelia HARKEY b. 1846 Pike Co, Georgia d. 1895 Nesbit, Dunklin Co, MO

          Jones Mack HAM b. 1870 Ironton, Iron Co, MO; d. 1945 Kennett, Dunklin Co, MO
          married Myrtle Mae YOUNG b. 1879 Bloomfield, Stoddard, MO; d. 1959 Senath, Dunklin Co, MO

               Uriel Mack HAM b. 1902 Senath, Dunklin Co, MO; d. 1977 Saginaw, Saginaw Co, MI 
               married Helen Idell CURRY b. 1907 Brownsville, Cameron Co, TX;  d. 1972 Buena Vista, Saginaw Co, MI

                      Uriel Wessley HAM b. 1923 Farmington, St Francois Co, MO   d. 2005 Laurel, Prince George Co, Maryland married Florence Blanche McCABE b. 1923 Royal Oak, Oakland Co, MI; d. 1978 New Haven, New Haven Co, CT

Dave Hamm  


  odoniv (at) yahoo.com 

  YFULL Kit # YF103234
descends from:

William HAM,  Sr.  b. ABT 1755 d. 1813 Grayson County, VA. Married  UNKNOWN

    William HAM, Jr.  (1785 - AFT 1860) Ashe Co., NC m.  Catherine ELDRIDGE
      Eli HAM    (1818 - 1899) Ashe Co., NC  m.  Celia BRINEGAR
        Joshua HAM   (1846 - 1930 ) Ashe Co., NC   m.  Rosie WELCH
          Ambrose Franklin HAMM ( 1869 - 1943 ) Lawrence Co., OH  m. Mary FOWLER

  Geno 2.0 results:    http://on.natgeo.com/1aXejdS


jham (at) proaudiocenter.com

descends from:

William HAM Sr. b. 1755 Elk Creek, VA; d. 1817 Grayson Co., VA
 married UNKNOWN
   John HAM b. 1780 Grayson Co., VA; d. 1850 Grayson Co., VA
   married Sarah LANDRETH b. 1790; d. 1850 Ashe Co., NC
     Issac HAM b. 1825 Grayson Co., VA; d. 1908 Ashe Co., NC
     married Mary "Polly" BRINEGAR b. 1817 Ashe Co., NC; d. 1877 Ashe Co., NC
      John Alay HAM b. 1848 Ashe Co., NC; d. 1928 Lansing, NC
      married Margaret Mary MILLER b. 1850 Ashe Co., NC; d. 1942 Ashe Co., NC
        Robert Harrison HAM b. 1888 Lansing, NC; d. 1946 Pike County, MS
        married Hettie ALEXANDER b. 1895 in MS, d. 1925 in MS
           Cecil Robert HAM b. 1916 in FL, d. 1970 in Natchez, MS
Brick Blevins  


  chydak2 (at) yahoo.com

descends from:

William HAM,  Sr.  b. ABT 1755 d. 1813 Grayson County, VA. Married  UNKNOWN

Thomas HAM  ( 1795 - 1865) Horse Creek, Ashe Co., NC  m.  Annie ELDRIDGE
        (1792 - 1888)  Ashe Co., NC
      Thomas HAM (1839 - 1893)
Horse Creek, Ashe Co., NC  m. Catharine PERRY
          (1838 - 1899) Ashe Co., NC
         Ambrose HAM (1871 - 1927)
Horse Creek, Ashe Co., NC
         Oliver HAM (1872 - 1932)
Horse Creek, Ashe Co., NC
             NPE  Ennis BLEVINS  (1884 - 1921)  Horse Creek, Ashe Co., NC
           Stanton BLEVINS  b. ABT 1915 Horse Creek, Ashe Co., NC

note:  Both Ambrose HAM and Oliver HAM were sons of
            Thomas HAM (1838 - 1899). Family information
via Thyre HAM indicates
that Oliver HAM was the father of Stanton BLEVINS.
  Elke Ailenofe


   e.a.kasping (at) hotmail.de


  About 4today through 2past
  Family of the Hamm Boys
descends from:

     William HAM  born 1754 in Elk Creek, Grayson County, Va died Abt 1813
             in Ashe Co. North Carolina     Wife:   unknown
      John HAM, Sr.  born  4 Dec 1784 in Deep River, Guilford Co., North Carolina
            born Bef 1850 in New River, Grayson Co., Va  Buried in Bethany Church,
           Grayson, Va

         Isaac HAM    born 1827 in VA died  1870 in Piney  Creek Twp, Ashe Co. NC

             wife Mary Brinegar born 1828 in Ashe County, North Carolina
               died   Dec 1877  in Ashe Co, North Carolina

          Rufus A. HAM  born Feb 1864 in Helton, Ashe County, North Carolina
                 died    Damascus, Va.  Wife Mary Elizabeth "Jane" NEAVES
                 born 20 Jul 1863 in Hancock County, Tennessee died 29 Feb 1920
                 At Horse Creek           
            Isaac Oscar HAMM  born 22 Jul 1887 in Horse Creek Township Ashe Co.
                 died 5 Mar 1953 in Bland Virginia, wife Ida Mathilda ROOP born 11 Apr 1893
                  died Nov 1986 in Blacksburg, Montgomery, Va

              Junior Oscar HAMM   born 2 Sep 1936 in Bland Virginia died 29 May 2001
                  in Montgomery County Nursing  Home Radford. 

431xxx Contact: 

  Gene Hamm


ghamm (at) hammfirm.com
descends from:

William HAM,  Sr.  b. ABT 1755 d. 1813 Grayson County, VA. Married  UNKNOWN

  John HAM,   (1780 - 1850) Grayson Co., VA  m.  Sarah LANDRETH (1787 - 1850)
     Solomon HAM b. ABT 1803 VA d. AFT 1870 Ashe Co., NC
     m. Mary TAYLOR b. ABT 1807 Virginia
        William HAM b. ABT 1841 d. 1918 Ashe County, NC m. 1862 Angeline HAM
        b. 1843 d. 1915 Ashe County, NC
           Ambrose B. HAMM b. 1876 Lansing, NC d. 1956 Lancaster, PA   
           m. 1897 Elizabeth Alice HURLEY  b. Oct., 1876 Ashe County, NC d. 1956
              Lillard Glen HAMM b. 1911 
Piney Creek, NC  d. 1982  Los Angeles, CA
              m. Inez Beulah PREWITT b. 1913  Tuckerdale, NC  d. 1995  Newark, DE

Note:  Gene has an interest in
learning why the trail goes cold at William Ham Sr. and what can be done to learn where he immigrated from.


  Bill Ham



descends from:

William HAM,  Sr.  b. ABT 1755 d. 1813 Grayson County, VA. Married  UNKNOWN

  John HAM,   (1780 - 1850) Grayson Co., VA  m.  Sarah LANDRETH (1787 - 1850)
      William HAM  ( 1806 - 1883) Grayson Co., VA m. three times,
       descends by wife Elizabeth TAYLOR (ABT 1820 - BEF 1860)
          Josiah HAM  (May 16, 1857 - Jan 2, 1918) of Portland, Oregon   m. twice,
          descends by wife Jincy Catherine HAGY (Jul 20, 1856 - May 17, 1924)
             Harley Edward HAM (Apr 29, 1896 - Sep 1984)  m. Susannah E. Zollinger
              (b. Sep 11, 1900 - d. Jul 30, 1924 )
                  Harley Raymond HAM ( b. Nov 9, 1919 Portland, Oregon -
                  d .Oct 24, 1950 Galena, Oregon )

 Steven Kent Ham


descends from:

William HAM,  Sr.  b. ABT 1755 d. 1813 Grayson County, VA. Married  UNKNOWN
  John HAM,   (1780 - 1850) Grayson Co., VA  m.  Sarah LANDRETH (1787 - 1850)
       William HAM  ( 1806 - 1883) Grayson Co., VA m. three times,
       descends by wife Elizabeth TAYLOR (b. ABT 1820 -  BEF 1860) m. ABT 1851
          ANDREW FRANKLIN HAM b. Jan 12, 1852 Alleghany County, NC
          d. Oct 14, 1935 Lorane, Lane County, Oregon; Married Jan 2, 1881
          Alleghany County, NC 
IRENA TOLIVER  b. Sep 25, 1859, Sparta, Alleghany
          County, NC d Jul 10, 1927 Lorane, Lane County, Oregon.
                GEORGE MAC HAM b. May 7, 1889 Coburg, Lane County, OR;
                d. May 23, 1968 Livermore, CA
married 1919 ETTA MOORE b. 1899 in
                Albany, OR; d 1990 Livermore,
                     HAROLD HORACE HAM b. 1923 Cresswell, OR; d Jan 1995
                     Sunnyvale, CA.  married CECELIA WINNEFRED RAICHE b. 1926
                     Minneapolis, MN; d 2006 Sunnyvale, CA

   Michael Gene Hamm


   Lynette Sears Russell

  Lynette4me (at) nc.rr.com
descends from:

William HAM   b. ABT  1780  d. 13 Mar 1860 Patrick County, VA 
m.  Martha (unknown maiden name)
    William Jordan HAM  b. 1824 NC  d. 1903 Mercer County, WVA
     m. Columbia McMILLAN  b. 1834 Patrick County, VA  d. AFT 1910 prob. WV

         Jordan Elzavan HAM/HAMM  b. 1861 Patrick County, VA  d. 1936
        Summers Co., WV;   m.  Ada Florence MORRIS  b. 1883 Greenbrier County,
        WV  d. 1966 Raleigh County, WV
              Huey Jean HAMM b. 1917 Summers County, WV d. 1987 Randolph County, IN;
              m.  Kathryn Lucille MOUNTCASTLE  b. 1916 Preble County, OH  d. 1993
              Henry County, IN

   Robert Carl Hamm


   Debb Propes

    debbpropes (at) gmail.com
descends from:

Rufus HAM b. abt 1878 of Washington County, VA d. 1938
   Charles HAMM b. 1898 Damascus, VA d. 1967 Fairfax County, VA
   married Cursey Callie Clyda EASTRIDGE b. 1903 White Tree Top, NC 
   d. 1984 Fairfax County, VA

dfh - Some of the records have been confusing, so the question Debb wants to answer is which Rufus HAM was this?


  Todd Hamm




descends from:

Arthur M. HAMM, Sr.  b. VA?   m.  Annas Cordellia THOMAS ADAMS
Arthur Millard HAMM      b. Aug 12, 1927 VA     d. Nov., 1978   Bluefield, WV

  Scott Hamm


descends from:

George HAM b. 1760 England     m.   Mary BUTLER  b. ABT 1769 Scotland
  William HAM  b. 1794 Augusta Co., VA. d. 1880 in MO. married Mary Jane Clifton   b.1805 VA. d. abt 1867 in MO.

    George Thomas HAMM  b.1835 Augusta Co., VA. d. 1915 Liberal, MO. married  Kathryn Isabelle NEAL  b. ? in MO.   d. 1928 in MO.
       John Neal HAMM  b. 1875 MO. d. 1935 MO. married Vina F. Benner b. 1874 Milford, MO. d. 1969 in Liberal, MO.
         John W. HAMM b. 1900 in MO. d. 1971 Lucerne, CA. married Minnie Constance McCLENDON  b. 1910 in Mulberry, KS. d. 1984 in CA.
            Billy Mack HAMM  b. 1940 in Liberal, MO. d. 1972 in Dallas, TX.

  Scott says he has the father and mother of William HAM listed as George HAM & Mary BUTLER.  He has a book from where G. T. Hamm lived that says his parents or possibly grandparents came from England and Scotland in the 1700's.

Ramsey Lovin
 ramlovin (at) gmail.com

descends from:

William LOVIN (b. 1738 VA d. 1790) Wayne, NC

   Reddick LOVIN (b. abt 1755 d. 1831) m. Lucretia Sandeford unknown

     William LOVIN (b. 1799 Richmond NC d. 1845 Richmond NC) married
     Elizabeth LIVINGSTON b. 1807 in VA d. 25 Apr 1885 in Richmond, NC

       William R. LOVIN b. 27 Aug 1827 in Rockingham, Richmond, NC
       d. 20 Sept 1902 married Mary Catherine HASTY b. 5 Aug 1824
       d. 10 Oct 1899

         Bryant LOVIN b. 21 Jun 1865 in Rockingham, Richmond, NC
         d. 1 Aug 1944 in Hamlet, Richmond, NC married Mary Catherine
         MUNROE b. 6 Aug 1868 in Chatham, NC d. 14 May 1906 in
         Scotland, NC

           William Carl LOVIN b. 4 Jul 1890 in Laurinburg, Richmond, NC
         d. 16 Apr 1970 in Charlotte, Mecklenburg, NC married Beulah
         Eunice RAMSEY b. 13 Oct 1895 in Catawba, Rowan, NC
         d. 21 Dec 1918 in Kannapolis, Cabarrus, NC

            Carl Wesley LOVIN b. 19 Dec 1918 in Kannapolis, Cabarrus, NC
            d. 24 Feb 1990 in Gastonia, Gaston, NC married
          Lois Marian FAILING b. 4 May 1918 in Dover, Kent, DE
          d. 25 Sept 1981 in Gastonia, Gaston, NC

Group #1 Ancestral Home

I have received some information from a DNA participant who
has done some internet research regarding Somerset, and he has found some helpful and  interesting facts.

   - South Brent later changed it's name to Brent Knoll. 

   -  St. Michael's Parish, which is located within Brent Knoll.

You can view a detailed map of the Brent Knoll area at the Somerset Archives & Local Studies.  HAM DNA Group #1 may have gotten the surname "Ham" from the local town when surnames began to be used (circa 1200).  As you would expect from a place name like "Ham," the name describes an area with houses which would generally be smaller in size than a hamlet.

You would find Taunton in Volume #1 (Origins & Migration) the book "A Short History of the HAM Surname in Virginia & NC."  It seems reasonable (to me) to assume that since we:

 a) we share very similar Y-DNA results for SNP's and STR's
 b) we share the HAM surname, and surnames began to be used around 700 to 800 years ago
 c) being "I1" haplotype group, we know that we are of Viking decent (M253 and M307 should put us originally from Norway)
 d) we have I1 matches from Yorkshire, and Vikings from Normandy had invaded areas of England where we have DNA matches

   - It is likely that our ancestors arrived in the area of Brent Knoll during, or shortly after the Norman Conquest of 1066.

Taunton has a Norman castle, and some pictures of the norman castle and norman keep can be found at the Somerset Archives and Record Service , under "Maps and Pictures."  This should be a castle that would have protected the area about 1,000 years ago. Sample pictures:

  Taunton Castle at Wikipedia
  Taunton Castle historic accomodations for visitors
  Taunton castle from the Somerset Archaeological and Natural History Society

Tony also has sent some pictures of the area:

Brent Knoll - view #4

Brent Knoll - view #8