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Group 002

Re-classified in March, 2011 Group #2 has tested out by the National Genographic Society and FTDNA
  as "R-M269 / R-U106 / R-Z307 (was R1b1a2a1a1a)"

     "Adam" -> M168 -> M89 -> M9 -> M45 -> M207 -> M173 -> M343 -> P25

As of January, 2009, FTDNA has classified this genetic tree to be  R1b1b2a1a (changed to R1b1a2 in 2011).
As of May, 2022, the BigY700 results have the tree as:

      ...R-S15663 -> R-FT32950 -> R-FGC8410 -> R-S11515 -> R-S1782 -> R-DF96 -> R-FGC8365 -> R-BY12480 -> R-Z304 -> R-Z307 -> R-Z306 -> R-Z156 -> R-Z381 -> R-FTT8 -> R-BY30097 -> R-Z2265 ->  R-U106 -> R-L151 -> R-P310 -> R-L51 -> R-L23 -> R-M269 -> R-P297 -> R-L389 -> R-L754 -> R-M343 -> R-M173 -> R-M207 -> R-FGC8372 -> R-FGC15288

HAM Country studies:

The Ancestral Haplotype Y-SEARCH for the possible immigrant homeland for HAM DNA Group #2.

McGee's Y-DNA Utility Ouput for the Ancestral Haplotype Y-Search for HAM DNA Group #2.

HAM DNA Group #02 Lamarc compute model TMRCA contrast to Dean McGee's Y-DNA Comparison Utility (July, 2008).


    Haplotype Groups were re-classified by Family Tree DNA in March, 2011. 
This affected the following existing groups:

    R1b1b2 became    R1b1a2
    I2b          became     I2b1

    Haplotype Groups were re-classified by Family Tree DNA in May, 2008. 
This affected the following existing groups:

    R1b1c became    R1b1b2
    I1a       became     I1
    I1b       became     I
    I1c       became     I2b
    E3b1a  became   E1b1b1

Kit number
Ancestor / Description
57xxx Contact:

 Charles Emory Ham
 Tanya Scaletti 


   tsq23 (at) yahoo.com
descends from:

Bartlett HAM   ( ABT 1771 VA  -  1813 GA)  m.  Rebecca MELTON 
John Bartlett HAM  ( 1813 SC - 1896 GA )  m. 1835  Sarah Ann BROWN
     John W. HAM    ( 1851  -  1935  GA )    m. 1880  Emma J. BROWN
       Charley Lafayette HAM   ( 1901 - Jan 3, 1934) Rochell, Wilcox Co., GA
                        m. Gladys Corene PENNEY
          Charles Emory HAM, Sr.   (Oct 5, 1933 - May 27, 1989) San Francisco, CA
                m.  1)  Dorothy Helen KNIGHT
                       2) Aileen HAYNES

  dfh note:   I took some liberties to add to this line. Tanya will correct this as further information becomes available.

Bill Hamm


  whammm (at) comcast.net
descends from:

George Washington HAM ( 1800's TN / Mississippi ) m. Unknown JOHNSON
   Leon Elmo HAM  ( 1800's TN / Mississippi )
      Leon Kennett HAM, Sr.

  Bill will supply some information later

Marian Miller             Millemar147 (at) Comcast.net
descends from:

Joel HAM
b. 1816-1825 GA - Apr 28, 1874 Johnson Co., TX.  Married 23 Dec. 1840 in Carroll Co., TN to Mary Emily MONTGOMERY, b. 1 Aug. 1821, TN. d. May 7, 1874 in Johnson Co., TX.
John Montgomery HAM, b. 24 Sept. 1841 in TN, d. 11 Jul. 1913 in Franklin Co., TX.
   John married Elizabeth Charlotta MEAD on 27 Jun. 1866.


Darren Hamm

hammd78 (at) gmail.com

descends from:

John HAMM, Sr.  b. 14 JUN 1819 Greenbrier County, Virginia, West Virginia, United States  d. 25 FEB 1868 Sangamon, Illinois, USA .
married Harriet E Davidson 30 MAR 1842 Pendelton or Anderson Co. Indiana, USA
   Gusham Albert Hamm b. 10 JAN 1854 Sangamon County, Illinois, USA d. 24 JUN 1932 State Hospital, Kankakee, Illinois
   married Harriet Mounts 4 SEP 1878 Champaign County, Illinois, USA
      Albert Lee Hamm b. 22 JUL 1884 Rantoul, Illinois d. 14 JAN 1947 Chicago, Cook, Illinois
      married Clema Rae Utterback
         Robert Lee Hamm b. 17 JUL 1923 Indiana d. 14 DEC 2012
N13xxx Contact:
  Hal Ham


   hhham (at) yahoo.com
descends from:

John HAM -
    Samuel HAM (1805 - 1886)
       Franklin Webster HAM, b. 1859 Elbert County, GA d. 1922
       Married Elba KEITH b. 1866 Erath Co., TX d. 1953

 Thomas  Hamm    


 thamm (at) bellsouth.net

descends from:

Joseph HAM,   b. 1740 d. 1799 Monroe County, VA. Married Judith

    Samuel Harrison HAM,  (1770-75 - 1841) Fleming Co., KY m. Elizabeth PERRY
      John Jackson HAM    (1801 - 1889) Rowan Co., KY  m. Nancy Summers WOOD
        Malcom Woods HAM   (1822 - 1889 ) Brown Co., KS   m.  Eliza HARTLEY
          Joseph Wallace HAM ( 1875 - 1963 ) Denver Co., CO  m. Mary Sadie MAEZ
            Thomas E. HAMM, Sr. (1910 - 1983) Broward Co., FL
                             m. Lura Lorraine NELSON (1918 - 1973)

URL:   http://worldconnect.rootsweb.com/cgi-bin/igm.cgi?op=GET&db=thamm&id=I1456


Charles Ham
 via Laura Rees 


  rockinllaura (at) gmail.com

descends from:

John HAM   1812 - 1878    b: April 22, 1812 in KY  d: Feb 10, 1878 in Perry County, IN  
m:  Apr 21, 1832 in Perry Co., IN  Elender J. FRAKES  1810 - 1882    b:  Mar  07, 1810  in KY    d: Jul 02, 1882 in Perry County, IN
   James Nathaniel HAM    1840 - 1936    b: Aug 22, 1840 in Perry Co., IN  
   d:  1936 in New Albany, IN   m.  1865  Elizabeth BRIGHT    1850 - 1887  
   b: Abt. 1850  d:  1887 in New Albany, IN
        James Robert HAM  1875 - 1957    b: Sep 23, 1875 in Yelvington, Daviess Co., KY
        d: Nov  21, 1957 in New Albany, IN   m. Clara A. PATRICK    1867 - 1899
                Elmer Herman HAM   1903 - 1966, Indiana

    William Ham


    aham (at) comcast.net

descends from:
Levi HAM  b.1803 Edgefield Co. SC., d. 1878 Coosa Co. Al. ( married twice )  
Nathaniel Obediah HAM b. Apr. 25 1852 d. July 15, 1904
Allen Jackson HAM b. Oct 21, 1874 d. 1954 Dallas Co. AR.
John Allen HAM b. Mar. 15, 1903 d. 1986 Union Co. AR

    Randy Ham

descends from:
Levi HAM  b.1803 Edgefield Co. SC., d. 1878 Coosa Co. Al. ( married twice )  
Mickleberry HAM b. 1829 GA d. 1871 in AL m. Amanda L. MURPHY b. 1833 in
SC d. 1906 in Cullman County, AL
James M. HAM b. 1862 in AL d. 1898 in Cullman County, AL m. Sarah Jane
GRIFFIN b. 1867 d. 1908 in Marshall Co., AL
James Huston HAM b. 1895 Cullman County, AL d. 1972 in Marshall Co.,
 AL m. Rhoda Kateria WILLIAMS b. 1900 Marshall Co., AL d. 1974 in
 Norcross, GA
Joe Odist HAM b. 1929 in Marshall Co., AL d. 1988 in Marshall Co., AL
m. Nellie Jean WALKER
82xxx Contact:

     Phillip Hamm
    Rick Boswell

  rick.boswell (at) gmail.com
descends from:

Milton Madison HAM  b. Sep 1809 in GA, d. Sep 23, 1895 in Coffee County, AL m. Feb 5, 1833 Mary Ann HADDOCK b. 1814 Pitt County, NC d. Feb 5, 1833 in Houston Co., GA
      William Haddock HAM b. 1835 Marion County, GA  d. ABT 1864 in Yankee Prison Camp, Rock Island, IL  m. ABT 1858 Alzeda Samantha HAM b. 1839 Crawford Co., GA d. 1922 in Elba, Coffee Co., AL
           William Jefferson HAM b. Jul 30, 1862 in Coffee Co., AL  d. Jul 13, 1942 in Glencoe, Etowah Co., AL  m. Feb 28, 1894 Mary Patience Elizabeth LEE  b.  Nov 23, 1873 Elba, Coffee Co., AL d.  Dec 12, 1954  Glencoe, Etowah Co., AL
                  Lotuce Lee HAM b. Dec 5, 1894  Coffee Co., AL d. Oct 26, 1963 Elba, Coffee Co., AL  m.  Willie G. VAUGHAN b. Jan 5, 1896 Coffeee Co., AL  d. Apr 30, 1975

  David B. Ham

  dbham8 (at) sbcglobal.net
descends from:
Milton Madison HAM,  b. est 1809; Elbert, GA  d. ABT 1895 Coffee, AL;
Married Mary Ann HADDOCK, b. 1814; Pitt GA; d. ABT 1852 Taylor, GA
   Bartlett HAM  b. 1848 Bib, GA; d. 1916; Marion, Ga;
   Married Laura Ann TURNER b.1849 GA; d. 1922, MS;
      John Judge HAM b. 1876, 1876, GA; d. 1930) GA;
      Married Ethel Mae Claire AUSTIN b. 1886 TX; d. 1948, UNK;
         Odius Glen HAM b. 1901 MS; d. 1963; TX
         Married Ollie Mae JACKSON b. 1905, TX; d. 1955, TX;
           Malcolm Julius HAM b.1928, Nowata, OK, d. 1988 Kermit, TX;
           Married Jeannine Ellen HOLMES b. 1930, Adrian, TX; d. 2008 Fort Worth, TX

  dfh note:  Kit N121125 is a Family Finder transfer from Geno 2.0.
79xxx Contact:

    Henry Ham

 emnauham2 (at) juno.com
descends from:

Smith HAM  b. ABT 1803 in South Carolina, d. probably in Barbour County, Alabama. M. Elizabeth MATTHEWS  Mar 01, 1827 in Crawford County, GA.
  Henry Nelson HAM   b. Nov.22, 1833; d. Apr.12, 1912.  m. Elizabeth Jane MYERS          Abt. 1855 in Ala.
     James Nelson “Buddy” HAM B. Feb. 1862;   m. Nettie L. RALEY in Alabama.
           Thomas Henry HAM, b. Oct. 1888.   m. Minnie GOLDEN.   D. Nov.11, 1959
86xxx Contact:

Clint Hamm      

Versie Clinton Hamm, 76, The Villages, FL. passed away Wednesday 01 July 2020.

URL: http://www.kyhamm.com/

descends from:

b. 1770 in Lewisburg, Greenbriar, VA
d. 11/1841 in Fleming (now Rowan) Co, KY
m. Elizabeth SCHULTZ (1798-bet 1860-1870) on 4/12/1819 in Fleming Co, KY
(2nd marriage)

Christopher HAM
b. 4/1820 in Fleming Co, KY
d. bet. 1900-1910 in Rowan Co, KY
m. Rebecca REED (1/1828-1910) on 8/27/1843 in Flemingsburg, Fleming, KY

James Simeon HAM
b. October 14, 1849 in Fleming Co (now Rowan), KY
d. August 19, 1914 in Rowan Co, KY
m. Mary Elizabeth JOHNSON (b. 10/15/1852 d. 1918) in February 1871 in Rowan
Co, KY

Rev. Basil HAM
b. November 09, 1882 in Rowan Co, KY
d. December 11, 1967 in Morehead, Rowan, KY
m. Missouri Lee BLANTON (b. May 30, 1892 d. January 16, 1951) on 1/13/1907
in Morehead, KY

Rev. Vestal Emerson HAMM
b. May 03, 1913 in Rowan Co, KY
d. 12/6/1997 in Lexington, Fayette, KY (Resided in Wallingford, Fleming, KY)
m. Gracie Ethel ROSS (b. April 16, 1912 d. May 09, 2001) on November 09,
1935 in Flemingsburg, KY

Versie Clinton Hamm
48xxx Contact:

John Jeffrey Hamn


  jhamnj (at) bellsouth.net
descends from:
WILLIAM HAM  b. 9 May 1747  m. Martha Patsy
  Obed Jones HAMN  born 1790-98 in SC,  died 1880 Conecuh Co., AL.
Obed  married Abigail ETHERIDGE on 3, Aug 1820 in Marion, GA.
  William Jones HAMN  b. 11, Apr, 1828  Evergreen, Conecuh Co., AL.
            Died: 24, May 1920   AL  married Sina Adeline JOYNER   
    James Abel HAMN  b. 19, dec 1854  d. 18 Feb 1908 Montgomery AL  married
              Mattie Belle MILES
    James Bostick HAMN  b. 12 Oct 1886 Dunham AL  d. 30 Jun 1949  Montgomery, AL
                m. Jeanette Janie KIRBY
     John Bostick HAMN  b. 29 May 1916 Montgomery, AL  d. 8 Jul  1969 Birmingham,
                 AL  m.  Therese Grote GROSS
Loyd  E. Ham


hambone059 (at) aol.com

descends from:

WILLIAM HAM,  b. ??  d. 1849 Bibb Co., AL; m. Jul 31, 1831 in Bibb Co., AL Charlotte WHEELER b. 1814 d. Jun 26, 1876
   Jordan HAM b. 1849 in Bibb, Alabama, United States, d. 19 Dec 1929 in
   Tishomingo, Johnston Co., Oklahoma;  m. Oct 16, 1866 in Bibb Co., AL
   Frances PARKER b. 1849 in Bibb Co., AL d. 1920
       Luther Martin HAM  b. Feb 7, 1887 Bibb Co., AL d. Sep 1973 Whichita Falls, TX
        m. 20 Sep 1913 in Tishomingo, Johnston, Oklahoma  Bertie Lenore HANEY
        b: 10 Sep 1898 in TX d. 18 May 1977 in Wichita Falls, Wichita, TX