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Group 015

Group #15 has tested to be "I-M253 (was I1)"

"Adam" -> M168 -> M89 -> M170  -> M258  -> M253+ -> M307 (??)

shorthand: "I-M253"

Haplotype Group reading references:

National Genographic Haplotype Group maps

The Genetic Legacy of Paleolithic Homo Sapiens Sapiens in Extant Europeans, (see classification Eu4?) Science Nov. 2000, Stanford University

ISOGG Y-DNA Haplogroup Tree


    Haplotype Groups were re-classified by Family Tree DNA in March, 2011. 
This affected the following existing groups:

    R1b1b2 became    R1b1a2
    I2b          became     I2b1

    Haplotype Groups were re-classified by Family Tree DNA in May, 2008. 
This affected the following existing groups:

    R1b1c became    R1b1b2
    I1a       became     I1
    I1b       became     I
    I1c       became     I2b
    E3b1a  became   E1b1b1

Kit number
Ancestor / Description
   (descends from:)
271xxx Contact:

Catherine "Carrie" Ham Pedone

clh.stl (at) gmail.com

Ronald Ham


arleneronh (at) att.net
descends from:

CONRAD HAMM b. 1660 Reinland-Pfalz, Germany  d. abt 1694
married Rachel Ann SMIT  b. 1642 Germany  d. abt 1694
   Peter HAMM  b. abt 1685 Lower Palatinate, Germany  d. aft 1725 NY, USA
   married Anna Catarina (or Anna Maria Christina) Sybilla  b. 1685 NY  d. Aug 1724
   Livingston, Columbia, NY
     Caspar (Peter) HAMM  b. abt 1716 West Camp, Columbia, NY  d. 12 Dec 1788
     Clermont, Columbia, NY
     married Anna Barbara RICHTER b. 25 Mar 1722 Queensbury, Warren, NY 
     d. aft 1764 Clermont, Columbia, NY
         Peter C (Petrus) HAMM  b. 24 Apr 1753 Red Hook, NY  d. unknown
         married Catharina STAHL b. 27 Jul 1752 Rhinebeck Flats, NY  d. unknown
            Hendrich P. or Henry HAMM  b. 17 Feb 1782 Redhook, Dutchess, NY  d. unk
            married Magdalena BECHTEL b. unknown  d. unknown
                Joseph HAMM or HAM  b. 7 Mar 1805 Churchtown, NY  d. unknown
                married Roumania or Ruey or Lucy or Ruby Pinney  b. 1807 Windsor,
                Hartford, CT  d. 1849 Windsor, Hartford, CT
                    Henry P. HAM  b. 13 Aug 1843 Kenosha WI?  d. 7 May 1923 Coral,
                    McHenry, IL
                    married Nancy Elizabeth BOYDEN  b. 6 Apr 1845 Green Chenago, NY 
                    d. 23 Jan 1934 Marengo, McHenry, IL
                       Edgar Emory HAM  b. 2 Aug 1870 IL  d. 10 Aug 1939 Marengo, McHenry, IL
                       married Grace E. DAVIS  b. 1874 IL  d. 28 Aug 1903 IL
                           Roy Emmery (LeRoy) HAM  b. 29 Mar 1894 Wauconda, Lake, IL 
                           d. 16 Jan 1966 Marengo, McHenry, IL
                           married Clara L. GIERTZ  b. 30 Mar 1897 IL  d. 9 May 1939 Marengo,
                           McHenry, IL
                               Earl Edgar HAM  b. 4 May 1916 Coral, McHenry, IL  d. 14 Mar 1969
                               Marengo, McHenry, IL
                               m. Edna Bertha Emilie SMITH  b. 28 Mar 1917 Belvidere, Boone, IL 
                               d. Woodstock, McHenry, IL

note:   Carrie says that she thinks she may descend from Conrad HAMM,
             and is fairly confident of the work from Henry HAM (b.1843) down.