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Group 020

Group #20 has tested out by the FTDNA and Whit Athey's Haplogroup Predictor  as "I"

"Adam" -> M168 -> M89 -> M170 -> M258 -> P19 -> P38    (Shorthand:   I-M170)

 - Originally classified as "I1b" Family Tree DNA now classifies this group as "I."

Haplotype Group reading references:

The Genetic Legacy of Paleolithic Homo Sapiens Sapiens in Extant Europeans, (see classification Eu7) Science Nov. 2000, Stanford University

Phylogeography of Y-Chromosome Haplogroup I Reveals Distinct Domains of Prehistoric Gene Flow In Europe, Rootsi et al, 2004.

According to the population study by Rootsi, et. al. (2004), the I haplotype group is most dense in the area of Croatia. (The current I classification was I1b in 2004.) Population density is an indication of origins.

From Table 1 in the Rootsi paper, the I haplotype (then I1b P37 SNP in 2004) is most dense in Bosnia, Croatia, Moldova, and Slovenia (the Balkan region).


    Haplotype Groups were re-classified by Family Tree DNA in May, 2008. 
This affected the following existing groups:

    R1b1c became    R1b1b2
    I1a       became     I1
    I1b       became     I
    I1c       became     I2b
    E3b1a  became   E1b1b1

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