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Group 023

Group #23 has tested out by the FTDNA as
"R (M269)"

"Adam" -> R-M207 -> R-M173 -> R-M343 -> R-L754 -> R-L389 -> R-P297 -> R-M269 -> R-L23 -> R-L51 -> R-P310 -> R-L151 -> R-P312 -> R-Z290 ->  R-L21  -> R-S552 -> R-DF13 -> R-Z39589 -> R-S1051 -> R-FGC14901 -> R-FGC64558 -> R-FT62524 -> R-FTC80997



    Haplotype Groups were re-classified by Family Tree DNA in March, 2011. 
This affected the following existing groups:

    R1b1b2 became    R1b1a2
    I2b          became     I2b1

    Haplotype Groups were re-classified by Family Tree DNA in May, 2008. 
This affected the following existing groups:

    R1b1c became    R1b1b2
    I1a       became     I1
    I1b       became     I
    I1c       became     I2b
    E3b1a  became   E1b1b1

Kit number
Ancestor / Description

SE Hamm

contact email:

Malcolm Holcombe

descends from:

Leonard Ham(m) (1801 - SC | 1870 - TX) whose son is Patrick Ham (1836 - AL | 1874 - TX).  Allegedly, his father was also named Leonard.
 Leonard Ham was also in AL & FL.

He is a dead-end on my tree at the moment.  I'm talking to a Male Ham Cousin to see if he is willing to take a Y-DNA test.  Checking here just in case this name is familiar to anyone in this group.


D W Ham

contact email:

Malcolm Holcombe
descends from:

Leonard Ham  b. ABT 1801 in Orangeburg, SC, d. BTW 1860/70 likely in Polk County, TX AL or FL
married Mary Ham, b. ABT 1809 in SC, d. ABT 1836/39 in AL
3 sons:
   William J Ham, b. ABT 1833 in Henry County, AL, d. 1895 in Knoxville, Knox County, TN
   married Clarissa McDaniel, b. 1838 in GA, d. 1928 in Jackson County, FL
   Jesse Ham, b. ABT 1835 in Henry County, AL, d. UNKNOWN
   Patrick Ham, b. 1836 in Henry County, AL, d. 1874 in Polk County, TX
    married Louisa Loper, b. 1839 in Washington County, AL, d. 1887 in San Jacinto County, TX
      William Hugh Ham, b. 1871 in Polk County, TX, d. 1968 in Walker County, TX


Malcolm's mother believes Leonard Ham's lineage immigrated from Germany to South Carolina sometime in the early to mid-1700's, eventually settling in Orangeburg, SC in the latter half of the century. 

However, she also notes that German migrations may have landed in VA or NC (or Carolina) first.

Our line via Leonard Ham moved to Alabama from Orangeburg, SC.  That is about the earliest information I have. The only lead I have on him at the moment, with all the right family names, is the will of Thomas Ham, d. abt. 1829 in Pike County, AL. his will indicates a son-in-law named Leonard Ham. Misspelled names aside, his daughter was named Mary Ham-which would suggest she may have been a cousin of some distance to her husband.  In addition, Thomas willed two parcels of land in Orangeburg, SC suggesting he lived there before moving to Pike county, AL.

Thomas also named two sons, William and Jesse as administrators.  Grandchildren names, indicate he may have had another son who predeceased him but not identified. It was not a well written will, as if he wrote it himself, as there is no formal context between his three named children and his grandchildren.

descends from: