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Links to DNA information

The Blair DNA Project:  DNA 101 - Y-Chromosome testing

 Recommended books and videos at Family Tree DNA

Kerchner DNA testing:   Genetics 101 - Intro Report

L. David Roper Report:   Y-DNA Comparisons

Contexo.info:       How Microsatellites are counted, more on Chromosomes, DNA Sequences, Mitochondria

DNA Heritage:    More detail and good overview of Mutations, SNP's, Neolithic haplogroups, Atlantic Modal Haplotype

Dr. Spenser Wells of National Geographic is looking for Adam with the Genographic Project 

The Greatest Journey National Geographic Feature article from March, 2006 about the National Genographic Project

The ABC's of mtDNA by Megan Smolenyak from the Family History Circle at Ancestry.com

Extensive list of Genetic Genealogy links from Ron Scott at Rootsweb


    Calculating Time to Most Recent Common Ancestor (TMRCA)  by Dr. Bruce Walsh, University of Arizona, FTDNA's Advisory Board

    Time to Most Recent Common Ancestor    (PDF file) by Dr. Bruce Walsh, University of Arizona.  2001. Published by the Genetics Society of America.  The math behind the theory, for the more curious.

   Homo Sapiens Events,  timeline, and human tree by country from L. David Roper

   Calculating Per Locus Mutation Rates (PDF file) by John Chandler from the Journal of Genetic Genealogy

    Y-DNA Scientific papers listed at Family Tree DNA


   See Software  Tools  area listed at HAM Country.

   YSearch - Search for your DNA ancestors by matching your markers from others around the world.


     PHYLIP   software to generate phylogenetic tree data.

          -  My Instructions for applying PHYLIP to DNA data, to create phylogenetic charts for TMRCA.

          -  Original  Instructions   for using applying PHYLIP to DNA data, by L. David Roper from the ROPER DNA Project

      MEGA   software for generating Phylogenetic and Network Tree graphs from the PHYLIP data.

      B.G. Galbraith's  MRCA Chart calculator for determining probabilities, given:  markers tested, markers matched, and mutation rate.

Haplotype Groups:

    What are Haplotypes and Haplogroups?   Understanding Haplogroups   from Family Tree DNA

    Understanding Genetic Distance from Family Tree DNA

    View a
Philogenetic Haplogroup Tree of a male human, from Family Tree DNA

    Phylogenetic Haplogroup tree   (PDF file) from the University of Arizona.

    National Geographic Atlas and Maps for Haplotype Groups for Y-DNA and mtDNA.

    Haplotype Group links  from EthnoAncestry

    Haplotype Group I   tests from EthnoAncestry

    Haplogroup I1a Project at FTDNA

    Haplotype Group R  subclades by John McEwan from the International Society of Genetic Genealogists (ISOGG)

    Some European Haplotype groups have been mentioned as percentages in this technical paper (PDF file) on Saami DNA roots. by Kristiina Tambets et. al. 2004

    Haplogroups of the World - Doug McDonald's Map (PDF file) of the distribution of Y-DNA and mtDNA

    The ABC's of mtDNA by Megan Smolenyak

    mtDNA   Mitomap Quick Reference:  A Human Mitochondrial genome Database

    mtDNA  - from the World Families Network

    Some of Dr. McDonald's Haplogroup map has been briefly explained at the Ethno Ancestry Y-Haplogroups web page.

    Tracing Haplotype groups map through human history from the New York Times, cites Stanford University.

    Current  Y-Haplogroup distribution (interactive) map of testing from DNA Heritage.

    YHRD:   Y-Chromosome Haplotype Reference Database 

     Y-Haplogroup Project links  page from World Families Network for more Y-Haplogroup information

    Haplotype Migration studies in Scotland by John McEwan

    Haplogroup Distribution in Europe is described in some detail here:

                Genetic Evidence for... Cultural Transitions in the British Isles   (a technical paper in PDF format)
                 Y-Chromosome Haplogroups   by L. David Roper from the ROPER Y-Chromosome Project
                 Results of the TURK   Y-DNA Project

     Historical Chronology of the Celtic nation of Cimbri - by David Faux of EthnoAncestry.


Hatshepsut DNA  DNA Study of Egypt's female ruler, from the BBC.

Hatshepsut video from National Gegraphic News about the identification of the mummy from Egypt.

Copernicus remains and DNA studies

The Greatest Journey National Geographic Feature article from March, 2006 about the National Genographic Project

The Journey of Mankind from the Bradshaw Foundation and Professor Stephen Oppenheimer's study of Human Origins

Who Were the First Americans? feature article from National Geographic

DNA Links Cave Man to British Teacher

German villagers and their Caveman relatives  -  Times Online article   July, 2008

German villagers and their Caveman relatives   -  Alleles translated into English by D. Schweitzer, Ph.D.  March, 2008 (PDF file)

German villagers and their Caveman relatives   -  Original Ph.D. thesis in the German language by Felix Schilz in 2006  (PDF file)

DNA from fossil Bones

Extracting DNA from Ancient Hair

Famous DNA

Neanderthal DNA Sequenced

Neanderthal DNA sequence samples from the National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI)

Neanderthal DNA description at NCBI

Ancient DNA articles at NCBI


The Genographic Project  - 7 minute video from National Geographic. Spencer Wells maps 4 people at Grand Central Station. Jan 2007

The Genographic Project, Part 1  -  5 minute video from YaLibnanTV, not sure if this is the "official" version from the New York Times.... December, 2006

The Genographic Project, Part 2  -  3 minute video from YaLibnanTV, not sure if this is the "official" version from the New York Times....   December, 2006.

Journey of Man, A Genetic Odessy (part 1 of 13)  - 10 minute video from Animelee Pocket, not sure if this is the "official" version of the video that comes with the National Genographic kit... Posted March, 2007.

Glossaries and Terms:

               Genetic Glossaries -  from the University of Kansas Medical Center
               The Genetic Code -   shows the three letter DNA codes, from the University of Texas Health Center
               The Talking Glossary - from the National Human Genome Research

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