by David Hamm
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  HAM sites in France
(It helps if you can speak the foreign language.)


Le Chateau  
Pictures of the Castle of Ham. In the French language, from CPA HAM (

Eglise et Abbaye - Church and Abbey of Notre Dame at the City of Ham.
In the French, from CPA HAM.
                                     Includes pictures of the Crypt tombs.

Chateau de Ham, XVe siecle    (In French) A short history of the Castle of Ham in the 15th & 20th centuries.
                                 If you select the interactive map"Chateaux," you need to wand over Picardie in the north.
                                 Or, for another picture of the castle, select the "Generalities" menu selection.

Short Description
  of the Castle of Ham from the Office of Tourism in the Department of the Somme.


Dynastie des CAROLINGIENS  (Dynasties of the Carolingians ) 555 - 1014  (from the Habart family pages).

Premiere dynastie de Vermandois  The first dynasties of Vermandois at the free genealogy pages in France.
                                                                  The Odon I here is referred to as "Otton." Includes Eudes I (Pied de Loup).
                                                                  They list Gerard as the brother of Lancelin (see below).

Comtes de VERMANDOIS    Pedigrees for the Counts of VERMANDOIS
(from the Habart family pages).

Eudes de Vermandois (ABT 1013 - 1050)  Descendants of Eudes de Vermandois, begins the first Lords of  Ham

Lancelin (Seigneur de HAM)     Pedigree of Lancelin, Lord of HAM  at rootsweb. ( dfh - They are missing Odon IV.)

Gerard II (Seigneur de HAM)     Pedigree of Girard II, Lord of HAM  at rootsweb. 
                                                         Here, they have Gerard as the father of Lancelin, needs correction (see above).


Armorial des Chevaliers de la Toison   - The Coat of Arms for Pierre de Luxembourg (   - 1482)  Seigneur de Ham (Lord of Ham), is on this page.

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