by David Hamm
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Researching the HAM surname in Virginia and North Carolina.

  • Appalachian Mountain Families
  • Claiborne County TNGENWEB Page
  • Claiborne County Genweb Census
  • Brothers Bound Civil War POW Page

  • Cemeteries:  Findagrave.com   - Search 21 million grave records

  • Cemetery Preservation - Saving Graves page for Tennessee
  • Census Transcripts - TN
  • Census files - Rootsweb
  • Civil War Photographs
  • Civil War Units file
  • County Information Maps   - Information about County origins or formation.
  • Genealogy.com County Courthouse information     Addresses for all the county courthouses in the US.
  • Cyndi's List for Tennessee
  • East Tennessee Historical Society
  • Johnson County Genealogy
  • Knox County Archives
  • Calvin M. McClung Historical Collection
  • TN Death Records 1914-1928
  • Tennessee Digital Map collection
  • Tennessee GenExchange
  • Tennessee GenWeb
  • Tennessee GenWeb Land & Deed History
  • TN State Library and Archives - History and Genealogy
  • TN State Library and Archives
  • TN State Library and Archives - Electronic Resources
  • TN State Library and Archives - Services
  • University of TN Libraries
  • War of the Rebellion Cornell Univerity's 60 volume collection.
  • War of the Rebellion War of the Rebellion - purchase the CDROM from Guild Press. (More user-friendly.)

  • MAPS:

  • Tennessee Digital Map collection

  • County Information Maps - Information about County formation.

  • Delorme Map Store
  • Topozone Map Search
  • U.S. US Geographical Survey Maps

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