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  •   Researching the HAM surname in England (prior to 1730) & Colonial Virginia.

  • Alan's Genealogy & Cheshire, England Page
  • Alan Cheshire's Historical Links

  • All Counties - Society of Genealogists Library
  • Beginner's Overview

  • Blackwell's Bookshops

  • British Origins - Specialists in England and Wales Genealogy

  • Cambridgeshire GENUKI page

    Census - Free Census at Rootsweb

  • Church Of England Homepage
  • Cornwall GENUKI page
  • Cornwall GENUKI Church records

  • Cornwall Parish Registers   -  full text from the Phillimore Book, first published in 1905

  • Cyndi's List of Genealogy Sites

  • Devon DNA Project     at Family Tree DNA. Debbie Kennett, Administrator

    Devon Family History Society

    Devon GENUKI page

  • Devon Info Page
  • Devon Online Parish Clerk project

  • Devon Record Office  

    Dorset Parish records  online from OPC transcription projects

  • England & Wales - CDROM's from Global Genealogy

  • England -  Links to resources in England (from Price & Associates)

  • England - ancestor-search.info - Planning for research in the UK. In addition to tips on working from home, they include information on "How To" get organized for a research trip, where you can find local and National Centers, Record Offices, Family History Societies, Parish Registers, Census Returns, Wills, scheduled talks, Calendar of Events, addresses, and local hotels.

    England Medieval Records  From the Anglo American Legal Tradition. They have imaged over 7 million original documents from the time of Henry III (1216 to 1272) through to George III (1760-1820).

    England Medieval Records  From the Anglo American Legal Tradition. Guide to downloads.

    England Medieval Records  From the Anglo American Legal Tradition. Wiki page.

    England Medieval Records  From the Anglo American Legal Tradition. Twitter page.

  • Essex Libraries
  • Essex GENUKI page

  • Essex Wills

  • Family History Archives - Family search at the BYU Harold B. Lee Library

  • Family History Online

  • FamilySearch      LDS England collections

  • GENUKI Home page
  • GENUKI: England

  • Gloucestershire GENUKI page

  • Gloucestershire Wills   1541 - 1858
  • "High Ham" town information, near Whitley, County Somerset

  • Ham   -  Detailed map of the town of Ham near Brent Knoll, County Somerset   (bottom left) from the Somerset Archives & Record Service

    HAM House  in Ham, Richmond-upon-Thames, UK.

    HAM House   from   www.guidetorichmond.co.uk

    HAM House  - A self Guided walk from Richmond Hill to Ham House. Includes a local map.

    Harleian Society CDROM's

    Hundred   - County subdivision explained

    Kent - Parish Register of St. Mary Chislet

    -  Scans of Rochester area Parish records online
    ( click on "CityArk ImageBase" and then "Link 2" )

  • Lancashire GENUKI page

  • Lancashire Record Office

  • Lancashire Parish Register #1 - from the Lancashire Parish Register Society

  • E. London Surname Overview

  • London GENUKI page

  • London Maps   on GENUKI

    London Maps

  • London Research Service Stephen Wright will do work for a fee. I highly recommend his services.

  • London - Society of Antiquaries Library Catalog
  • MAPS - Antique Maps and Prints

  • Medical Licenses 1535 - 1775

  • Medieval Genealogy in England and Wales

  • Medieval Genealogy - Some Notes on Medieval English Genealogy - Great for finding manuscript links and resources.

    Middlesex - Parish Register of St. George, Hanover Square by John Henry Chapman, 1886

    Middlesex -  Parish Register of St. James Clarkenwell (part 1) by Robert Hovenden, Harleian Society, 1891

    Middlesex -  Parish Register of St. James Clarkenwell (part 2) by Robert Hovenden, Harleian Society, 1891

    National Archives  -  Article from the National Genealogical Society about digital microfilm for the UK at the National Archives

  • Northumberland & Durham Family History Society

  • Patent Rolls Calendar search 1216 - 1452

    PCC Wills   - Purchase an image of the Prerogative Court of Canterbury will from the National Archives

  • Prerogative Court of Canterbury (PCC) Wills Index 1750 - 1800

  • Probate Records
  • Public Record Office
  • Public Libraries
  • Society of Genealogists Library - All Counties

  • Somereset  Archives & Record Service  

    Somerset - Births, Marriages, & Deaths in the Bath region

  • Somerset - County Maps

  • Somerset GENUKI page

  • Somerset - Parish Information

  • Somerset Parish records  online from OPC transcription projects

    Somerset in pictures  - from Tony Howell

  • Somerset Record Office

  • Surrey Archive Catalog

  • Taunton Castle Entrance gate

    Taunton Castle Norman keep entrance hall

  • UK Surnames List
  • Wills - Beginner's Guide
  • Wills - General Info
  • Wiltshire Heritage
  • Wiltshire Libraries Online
  • Wills - Cheshire has Index 1492 - 1940

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