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"A Short History of
The HAM Surname in Virginia & NC"
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The largest and most complete compilation of HAM(/M/E) surname origins to date. The book utilizes original source records, manuscripts, and other documents to describe the origins of the HAM surname. Arranged chronologically and by location.

Compiled by David Hamm, co-authored with Geneva S. Greer and Susan Bullock. All three are descendants of HAM lines in Virginia and North Carolina.

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Origins & Migration (vol 1)

Includes original source records, manuscripts, and records of how the surname came to be. Includes medieval France, with pictures of the castle of Ham and the tomb of Odon IV, the Lord of Ham who fought in the crusades of 1202. The Lords of Ham are traced back 16 generations from the ancient Counts of Vermandois (circa 900 AD) to the 1400's. Also included are English wills, transcribed from the 1600's and 1700's. There are short sections dealing with migration after the Revolutionary War, and some historical coverage of the states of Kentucky, Maine, Maryland, New Hampshire, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, and Tennessee.  $43.00 plus shipping & handling

Virginia                       (vol 2)

This is the most complete compilation of HAM surname origins in Virginia to date.
It has coverage of over 20 counties in Virginia, beginning with the first HAM immigrant in 1621 (Joseph Ham), who was an indentured servant in what was then Colonial England (and now Hampton, Virginia). There is some detail on other immigrants, such as Manuel Ham of Westmoreland County, VA. Extra attention to detail has been applied to York, Caroline, Orange, Amelia, and Surry Counties prior to 1760. This volume takes you through the French and Indian War, to the HAM's at the Siege of Yorktown in 1781, to an assortment of records prior to 1850. Includes a section on genealogies.  $36.00 plus shipping & handling

North Carolina          (vol 3)  

Based upon original records, manuscripts and books, this volume pulls together information about the HAM surname from 31 counties in North Carolina. Records begin in 1736 and include tax lists, marriage indices, wills, census records and Revolutionary War rosters. Included also are pictures of Ashe County residents prior to 1900 and a section on genealogies.  $31.50 plus shipping & handling

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