HAM Country   Iowa Queries

by David Hamm
Queries regarding the HAM surname

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Table of Contents

state= OH, Iowa

County= Scott County

TimeFrame= 1825 - 1860

My paternal great grandfather's name was John Ham Sullivan COLEMAN. His

father, John COLEMAN was born ca. 1805 in Ohio (county unknown) and died 1863

in Scott Co., IA.  I am not aware of any marital connections to the HAM family.

But my great grandfather may have been named after an associate of his

father's, perhaps a military superior, named John Ham SULLIVAN who was a

resident of Belmont Co., Ohio in the mid to late-1800s. There was also a

Dr. John Hamm of Chillicothe, Ohio who lived in the Belmont Co., Ohio area

for a time. Any information regarding the genealogy of these men and possible

connections between the COLEMAN and HAM families would be much appreciated.


Submitter: Patrick L. Burke

email: plburke (at) pacbell.net

state= (England), South Dakota, Iowa

County= Lincoln County, SD / UNKNOWN County, England

TimeFrame= 1843 - 1865

Elizabeth HAM B 1843 Blackford,Eng, d 1916 Canton, SD

married 1865 Pilot, England to:

Robert Cox b 1841 Blackford, Eng, d 1928 Worthing, SD

their children:

Alice Cox b 1866 Eng

Eva Cox b 1867 Hamburg, Eng

Fannie Cox b 1868 Eng

Anna b 1870 Dyersville, Iowa

Albert Edward b 1871 Dyersville, Iowa

William J. b 1876 Lincoln Co, SD

Harry b 1878 Canton, SD

Submitter: Patti Waitman-Ingebretsen

email: grier (at) ptld.uswest.net

state= (England),  Iowa (U.S.A.), Ontario, Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta (CANADA)

County= Johnson County, Iowa /  County Somerset, England

TimeFrame= 1850 - present

My grandmother (Charlott Sarah)  was the eldest child of William BLACKMORE and Alice HAM. Alice was a sibling of Jane, William, Henry, and Thomas HAM. Charlott was born in Solon, Iowa in 1885. Both William and Alice were born in England
I have photos of a James HAM, Frank HAM and family, Ralf (sic!) HAM, Charles HAM and family, James HAM and family. (the writing states they were taken in 1918 and 1925).
There are also photos of a PARSONS family - Albert, Geoff, John, and Aurher (sic) and a John ADAMS family. I have no idea who they are. I think all photos were taken around Solon Iowa.
I have just started with doing some family history research and would be willing to share information - and photos!
I believe a Tony Ham of Texas may be of the same lineage. He visited this site but the email given is no longer valid.
         Iowa, U.S.A.; Somerset, ENGLAND; Ontario, Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta, CANADA

Submitter: Dennis Switzer

email:           switzd (at) telusplanet.net

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