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by David Hamm
Queries regarding the HAM surname

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HAM Queries in NC

Table of Contents
Alfred HAM, Wayne Co., NC 1790-1860
Barbary HAM that married William Oldfield in NC in 1793
Benjamin HAM, Greene Co., NC 1920's
Frankie HAM, Ashe Co., NC 1860-present
Thomas B. HAMM, Chapel Hill, NC prior to 1980
William HAM, Harris Co, GA-Russell Co, AL-Wayne Co, NC 1713-1913
William HAM, UNKNOWN NC - Perry Co., AL - Randolph Co., AL 1819-1912
Isaac READ, Mecklenberg County, NC mid 1700's

State:  North Carolina

County:  Ashe Co, NC

TimeFrame:  1860-present

Hi, I'm researching Ham's from North West NC., Near the Virgina Border from Horse Creek or Little Horse Creek.
Info regarding the ancestors of any of the following will greatly help.

Frankie HAM (b. 1886) and Jackie HAM (1866 - 1928)

Foster (Forester) HAM (1893 - 1976) & wife Jenny (Virgina) MILLER HAM (b. 1896)

Ivory Ham (1922 - 1979 )

Earl Ham

Gene Ham (Still Living)

Fred Ham (Still Living)

Irene Ham

Leo Ham (1916 - 1998)

The Missing info. I'm looking for is from Frankie and older. Frankie has a brother named Troy HAM.

Many thanks for any help!!

Submitter:    Brian Heller

email:   btheller93 (at) yahoo.com

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Country:  France to NC to TN

 County:    Moselle, France to NC to TN

  Timeframe:    1778 - 1840

  Through DNA my husband is connected to several Fryermuths. Therefore I am wondering if Barbary Ham that married William Oldfield in Guilford County, NC in 1793 is the Barbre Ham born 1778 in Moselle, France whose mother was Barbe Freyermuth.
Thanks, Karen Henry Oldfield
   Submitter:   Karen Henry Oldfield
    email:         Lold615 (at) msn.com

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State:  North Carolina, AL, GA

County:  Harris Co, GA / Russell Co, AL / Wayne Co, NC

TimeFrame:  1715-1913

Willaim HAM  b 1715-1717 NC   m.   Mary Prudence _?   Would like her maiden Name.

Son Zachariah HAM, b, abt 1760 in NC, m Christian WILLIAMS, dau of Abslom WILLIAMS.

Zachariah HAM JR, b, abt 1804, NC, d 1883 Harris Co GA, m 1.) Nancy BEASLEY,

2.) Pharabe HUBBARD, b abt 1831. Want her family.

Son of Zachariah Jr & Pharabe was Calvin Taylor HAM. b 1848, Harris Co GA,d 1913, m Samantha Evans, 1870, Muscogee Co GA.

Submitter:   Anne Brown

email:   annebrown44 (at) hotmail.com

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State:  North Carolina

County: Wayne, NC

TimeFrame:  1790-1860

I'm looking for the father of Alfred (Alford) Ham of Wayne Co. NC.

Alfred (Alford) shows up in the 1850 and 1860 census.

Any help would be appreciated.

Submitter:  Arnold Hamm

email:   arnoldh3151 (at) ipass.net

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State:  North Carolina, AL

County:  UNKNOWN, NC - Perry Co., AL - Randolph Co., AL

TimeFrame:  1819-1912

Do you have info to help with research of my ggrandfather, William HAM.

William Ham (b abt 1819) married to Eliza MATLEY (b abt 1831).

The 1860 Census for Perry County, AL list him as born in NC.

I am a decendant of his son Robert Solomon Ham (born 1848 Randolph County, AL  died 1912).

Submitter:   Morgan Hamm

email:   mehamm (at) bellsouth.net

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State:   North Carolina

County:   Mecklenberg; County, NC

TimeFrame:   mid 1700's - present

Isaac READ of Mecklenberg Co.,  N.C. is an ancestor of mine. 
I married Peter Bancroft Read Jr., we have a daughter Panthea Ham Read, named after Panthea Burwell Read, circa 1780'S. Can you shine any light on this. I know that Isaac Read came from Philadelphia.

Submitter:   Christina Ham Read

email:     cdahread (at) yahoo.com

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State:   North Carolina 

County:  Chapel Hill, Durham County, NC

TimeFrame:   1800 - 1900

My grandfather, Thomas B. Hamm grew up in the hills of Carolina.  He lived in Chapel Hill in the 1980's.  Do you have any records of the family? 

Submitter: David Drayton Hamm

email:    david.hamm (at) factiva.com

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State:  North Carolina
County:   Greene County, NC

TimeFrame:  1920's

I am trying to find the location of the Benjamin Ham, and the Noah Ham Cemeteries.  

The roads in the books I have (Short History Of The Ham Surname) no longer exist.
Would you have directions or Lat & Lon.
Thank You,
Submitter: Buddy Ham

email:      buddy (at) proaudiocenter.com

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