HAM Country  Texas Queries

by Dave Hamm

Queries regarding the HAM surname in Texas.

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HAM Queries for Texas

Table of Contents
Joel Ham, TN, Mississippi, and Texas 1816-1874
William HAMM, Hood Co., TX, McNairy County, TN and Cheraw District, SC 1716 - 1781

state:   TN, MS, TX
  • County:   Carroll Co., TN and Yalabusha Co., MS
  • TimeFrame = 1774-1874
  • Seeking parents and siblings of Joel Ham (1816-1874), who married Mary Emily Montgomery 23 Dec. 1840 in Carroll Co., TN. They moved to Yalabusha Co., MS the next year.

    By 1858, they were in Titus Co., TX.

    How was Joel related to S. C. Ham (b. 1834, TN) who lived next door with Green and Elizabeth Dowdy in 1860?

        Marion Miller
  • email:   Millemar147 (at) comcast.net
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    state= AR, TX, TN, SC, England
    County= Newton County, Marion County, Searcy County, Arkansas
    County= McNairy County, TN, Wayne County, TN
    County= Cheraw District, SC

    I am looking for any accurate information regarding:

    Father & Mother of William HAMM, Germany Birth abt 1716 to 1781 as noted below:

    1 Unknown HAMM d: Death date is unknown, or individual is living
      +  SPOUSE: Unknown

    2 William Hamm b: Hamm, Germany 1716 d: 1781
                  •  Immigration: AFT 1716 Great Britain 
                  •  Immigration: BEF 1755 American colonie
    Married:  abt 1755
      + Martha SHERMAN  d: Death date is unknown

    3 (Son of William was) James B. HAMM   b: 1763 d: BET NOV 1819 AND DEC 1819
      + (Spouse) Everela Unknown d: Death date is unknown

    4 (Son of James was) "Samuel L. HAMM" b: 1804 d: BET NOV 1848 AND DEC 1848

    5 (Son of Samuel was) “Asa Callicutt HAMM”  Notations:

    Born:  1-15-1837 Wayne County Tenn.
    Died:  9-10-1913 Lurton, Newton , County, Arkansas
       1) Spouse: Martha B. COOPER
       Born:  abt 1838  Wayne County, Tenn
       Died:  12-1-1877 Yellville, Marion Cty, AR
       Buried:  Tarlton Cemetery, Lurton, Newton Co. Arkansas
       Married: abt 1858 - 1875  (Asa 21 yr.)

    Asa lived with Martha and their family in Red River Township, Searcy County, Arkansas until about 1875

    when they moved near Yellville and it was there that Martha died of childbirth complications. After her

    death, Asa married twice more.

    Children: Silas, Tennessee, Francis, Samuel, Martha, William A.,George W., Caroline (All from Snowball,

    Searcy County, AR)

       2) Spouse: Elizabeth COX   Born abt 1845 Married abt 1882  (Asa 45 yrs.)

       3) Spouse: Martha J. BRADSHAW   Born abt 1850 Married abt 1895  (Asa 58 yrs.)
          (This could be Martha AUSTIN, not sure)

    6 (Son) of Asa - William Alonzo HAMM (lonn) & sometimes (Lomm)

    Born: 11-28-1864  Praire, Marion Cty, AR
    Died:  2-8-1953  Hood Cty, Texas (1920) census
    Funeral Services:  Estes Funeral Home & later chg. to Martins in 1960’s
    Burried:  Nubbin Ridge Cemetary, Hood Cty, TX

    Too my knowledge all of this is accurate based on my research. However, I am not able to trace solid information of Samuel Hamm's wife. Nor can I find data representing William Hamm of Hamm Germany and his father / mother. I am not sure whether William of 1716 father was of English or German descent.

    submitter:     Gary Dale Hamm

    email:           garydhamm53 (at) yahoo.com

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