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Queries regarding the HAM surname in Virginia

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 HAM Queries for Virginia

Table of Contents
James Edward HAMM, born April 20, 1839 in Augusta Springs, Virgina
Jordan HAMM, Patrick and Greenbrier Counties, VA late 1800's
Nancy HAM, Fisherville, ?? County, VA 1790 - 1890
Obidair HAM, Perry Co., TN & York Co., VA 1775-1885
Samuel HAM, Spottsylvania Co., VA ABT 1700-1737
Isaac READ, Mecklenberg County, NC mid 1700's

  • state=VA, KY, TN
  • County=Perry Tenn & York, Va.
  • TimeFrame=1775-1885
  • Obidair HAM b England? m Marthara MILLS 1814 Va. d 1824; son Anthony Mills HAM b 1816 Va.- m Mary TATUM d 1873 Perry Cty, Tenn; their children (all born in Marshall Cty Ky.)

    * James Henry HAM 1842-1915 m Barbara GREGORY d Sidney Ark.; (Children of James and Barbara) Mary Jane HAM 1866-1955 m Joe Finley YORK; Solomon Thomas HAM 1867-1948 m Alie PEARSON; Cornelious Anthony HAM 1870-1953 m Ruth LINDSEY-Victoria THORNTON-Sarah STRINGER Rose STRINGER; Sarah Ann HAM 1872-1964 m Tom HAM (son of Narcissa Clementine HAM); Martha E HAM 1875-1955 m George N INMAN; Jacob Franklin HAM 1878-1955 m cora May REAMS; John Robert HAM 1880-1962 m Gertrude Ann COPE; Dave HAM 1882-1957 m Della PACE; Ida HAM - 1957 m Frank Doughlas;

    * Narcissa Clementine HAM 1844 died Tenn (children) Tom HAM m Sarah Ann HAM (daughter of James Henry HAM); Dedrick HAM 1875 (buried Tiptonville, Tenn.;

    * Marthara Jane HAM 1846-1903 m Lilue PEARSON (children of Martha & Lihue) Henry PEARSON m Fronie HUGHES; Sis PEARSON m John WILEY;

    * Solomon Thomas HAM 1848-1916 B York Cty VA d Carlisle Tenn, Stewart Cty m 1 Eliza Lindsey Died Marshall Cty, Ky. (child by E LINDSEY)James Hardy HAM 1875-1947 (died Louisville, Ky.) m 2 Mary GROOM 1859-1897; (Children by Mary GROOM) Albert Sidney HAM 1891-1944 m Olive Jane Aulsbury; Clark "Judge" HAM 1895-1955 m Ludie Ethel DANIEL; J. Henry HAM - 1951 m Beulah LANDRUM; Jacob Franklin HAM m Keith BAYBY; Sarah HAM m Moses BURCHAM; Alex Cephas HAM 1877-1949 m 1 Roxie HOWARD 2 Marthara LEWIS; John William HAM 1880-1946 m Josephine BRAKE; Fannie HAM 1882-1966 m A.L. ALLISON; Thomas E HAM 1884-1966 m Emma Lee KENT;

    * Joseph HAM 1850-1939 m Ann OGELSBY (no children) buried near Benton, Ky.

    * Robert Mills HAM 1853-1936 m 1 Adeline RICHARDSON m 2 Marthara FRY (child by Adeline) Rebecca HAM 1875-1883; (children by Martha) Hestor B HAM 1880-1908 m Ben J DAVIS; Giles Anthony HAM 1883-1935 m Martha Jo DAUGHTON; Julie HAM m William R LOMAX; Mona HAM 1891-1977 m John W DAVIS; Robert Henry HAM 1895-1919 (died WW I no children); Alanson Brown HAM 1900-1973 m Ruby Pace

    * William Franklin HAM 1855-1940 m Mary Elizabeth KELLEY (children of William & Mary E) Dora Belle HAM 1889- m 1 Lonze DENTON m 2 Jack LIGHT (Lived in Colorado Springs Co.); John Isaac HAM 1890- m 1 Louise DOBBS m 2 Essie HICKERSON (lived in Savannah, Tenn); Bertha Lee HAM 1892-1911 m John Thomas FERGUSON (lived in Nashville, Tenn); Mary Frances HAM 1895-1942 m Jim DENTON; James Arnold HAM 1898- (never married); Ida Alice HAM m Curtis CULP

    * Josephine S HAM 1857-1903 m George Lewis RICHARDSON (children of Josephine & George) Minnie Mae RICHARDSON 1887 - 1906 (never married); Joseph William RICHARDSON 1889 - 1974 (never married); Robert Mills RICHARDSON 1891-1976 m Thelma Virginia WATSON; Eddie Sherman RICHARDSON 1893- m Mar Lahe (moved to Arkansaw); Grady Arnold RICHARDSON 1897-1970 m Clara WEBB; Julia Ann HAM 1864-1922 m George Washington SMITH, Jr. (children of Julia and George); William Robert SMITH 1886- m Clice WARREN; Joe Henry SMITH 1888-1963 m 1 connie May PARKER m 2 Birdie Mae CRABTREE; George Thomas SMITH 1891- married Eulah HAM (2nd cousin) died 6 moths after marriage 1978 he lived in Arbypd, MO.; Clinton Brown SMITH 1893 m 1 Mari HODGE 2 Virga MCMANIS; McKindly Jackson SMITH 1898 m Irene Thompson

  • Submitter:    Mary Ham Carver
  • email:   mccky (at) couriernet.infi.net
  • URL: http://www.courier-journal.com

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  • state=VA
  • County=County UNKNOWN
  • TimeFrame=1790 - 1890
  • Nancy HAM married on Dec. 31, 1818 William PALMER II b 1792.

    I have no information on Nancy at all.

    Their son George H. Palmer was born in 1822 in Fisherville, Va. I cannot seem to make any connection with her parents and siblings.

    Need help.

    Lee Anderson

  • Submitter:   Lee Anderson
  • email: ileta(at)lcp2.net
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  • state=VA
  • County=Patrick County, VA and Greenbrier County, (now WVA)
  • TimeFrame=late 1800's
  • I am looking for info on a Jordan HAMM who married Ada MORRIS in Greenbrier County, WV in 1899. Marriages info does not list his parents, but says he was born in Patrick County, Va.

    Jordan E. HAMM was born June 12, 1861 and died November 7, 1936.

    Any information would be very helpful.

  • Submitter: Dale McLaughlin
  • email: dale_mclaughlin (at) hotmail.com
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  • state=VA

  • County=Augusta County, VA
  • TimeFrame= mid 1800's

  • Looking for any information on James Edward Hamm born April 20, 1839 in Augusta Springs, Virgina.

  • Submitter:  Cindy Weight-Carter
  • email:    cweightcarter (at) cox.net
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    State = North Carolina

  • County =  Mecklenberg  County,  NC
  • TimeFrame = mid 1700's  - present
  • Isaac READ of Mecklenberg Co., N.C. is an ancestor of mine.

    I married Peter Bancroft Read Jr., we have a daughter Panthea Ham Read, named after Panthea Burwell Read, circa 1780'S. Can you shine any light on this. I know that Isaac Read came from Philadelphia.

  • Submitter:   Christina Ham Read
  • email:    cdahread (at) yahoo.com
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    State = Virginia

  • County =  Spotsylvania & Orange  Counties,  VA
  • TimeFrame = 1700 - 1737
  • Looking for Samuel HAM who was born in 1700 in Virginia. He died 3/2/1737 in Virginia. 
    He was married to a Margaret Martin March.
    I am looking for Samuel's parents.
    Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  • Submitter:   Richard Gore
  • email:    sgore6 (at) houston.rr.com
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