HAM Country

Revisons to the Ham Country  web page.
by David Hamm

Researching the HAM surname in Virginia and North Carolina.

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  • LOG:

  • April, 2018       - Updates for better compliance with GDPR guidelines. Added email contact form for HAM Country, Release of Liability, etc.

    Aug 8, 2017    - Moved the HAM Country web page to ham-country.com, should be good for a year. More space, many new options. We will see how it goes.

    2016    - removed the HAM Country web page from Earthlink, email address change to Yahoo.

    Aug 4, 2012    - Created new horizontal drop down menus for the main HAM Country web page.

    Mar 28, 2010    - Created new navigational menus for the main HAM Country web page.

    Mar 17, 2010    - Replaced link navigation tables on HAM Country web pages with a new vertical menu.

    Jul  8, 2009       - Added a "WV Links" area to the links at HAM Country.

    Jul  2, 2009       - Uploaded photos of HAM Country Blog stats for June, 2009 to Facebook.

    Jun 29, 2009     - Uploaded photos from my research trips in Ashe Co., NC to

    Jun 13, 2009     - Uploaded photos from my research trips in Grayson Co., VA to Facebook

    Jun 07, 2009     - Added about 17 names to the Wills & Estates index for England. From searching the Gloucestershire Record Office.

    May  30, 2009    - Uploaded photos from my research trips in KY, TN, NC, VA, & WV to Facebook

    Dec 17, 2008    - A HAM Wills and Estates page is started for France.
    Twitter log of activities link is added to the HAM Country main menu.
                                - Added effigy and Coat of Arms background image to the main HAM Country web page.

    Sep 5, 2008     -  Log of activities is started on Twitter.

    Aug 23, 2008  - The main menu is revised on the HAM Country welcome page.

    Apr   5, 2007  -  The
    HAM Country blog is started.

    Dec  1, 2007  -  The HAM DNA Project 2007 video is added to You Tube.

    July 12, 2007 -  The HAM Book Trailer video is added to You Tube.

  • July, 2005       -  FamilyTree DNA Project is begun. I add a link to the HAM Country DNA web page.
  • May, 2005      - "Descendants of Eli HAM" video Documentary is published.
  • December, 2003 - "A Short History of the HAM Surname in Virginia & NC" is published.
  • Sep 26, 2002    - Internet Provider HTDCONNECT removes web pages...
  •                               HAM COUNTRY must move to another vendor. Going to Earthlink.
  • Oct 3, 1999       - Added a one-line "site map" for ease in navigation.
  •                               Eventually, the site map will be added to most pages.
  •                              Added more metatag html to more pages so that robots will pick up correctly.
  • Sep 12, 1999   - Added counters to various areas to see what the traffic is like.
  •                              Thursday Jun 03, 1999 - Added Contact area for England, HAM Country is now international.
  •                              Although HAM Country is still without Contact folks in several US states, England has now been added by request.
  • Sat Mar 27, 1999 - Added an Index to and Abstracts of KY HAM Wills & Estates.
  •                                   Index listing of HAM surname Wills and estates in Kentucky prior to 1900.
  • Sun Jan 17, 1999 - Added an Index to and Abstracts of NC HAM Wills & Estates.
  •                               HAM Country now has an index and abstracts of HAM surname Wills and estates in North Carolina prior to 1900.
  • Wed Oct 21, 1998 - My Internet Service Provider moves the
  •                                HAM Country home page to a new disk. I am expected to move the entire HAM Country area manually, re-creating it on my own.
  • Fri Oct 2, 1998 - My Internet Service Provider shuts down the page from 8 AM to 4 PM to upgrade the server.
  • Sep 16, 1998    - Added Contact Information form. Finally attached the Ham Country URL to my signature.
  • Sep 12, 1998   - "HAM COUNTRY" now registered with the IIGS server. This would be the first public announcement.
  • Aug 24, 1998   - First attempt at a pictorial logo, "HAM COUNTRY".
  • Aug 08, 1998   - Added a test Gedcom area, acknowledgements page. Experimenting with counters, logs, and the like. Ham Country page now getting cluttered, may need to provide a map....
  • Jul 22, 1998   - Ham Country is born. Tested on my local host, now open to the public.
  •                           However - not yet announced, it still has some dressing up to do.
  •                           Removed references to local host, begin setting up basic structure.
  •                           Added Query Form and Notification Form to permit users to participate.
  •                           My Internet Provider has limited utilities, users must submit via email.

  • PLANS:

  • March, 2010 - Cynthia Smithdeal has been forced to shut down the mirror location. AT&T no longer offers web space to subscribers.

  • Most work on videos has been put on hold. Work slowed when the disk drive that I use for videos failed. Maybe some time later.
  • Bibliography area: List of reference books that mention the HAM surname.  People could benefit from knowing what books an media are available or are used in "A Short History of the HAM Surname in Virginia & NC."

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